Linkifier Experiences: The Best Multihoster in the Detailed Linkifier Test


The Multihoster Linkifier has been on the market since 2015 and is currently fighting for customers. With over 80 filehosters and a premium account, which has very different runtimes, one can definitely speak of a multihoster of the future. With providers such as FileFactory, Uploaded, Rapidgator, Turbobit and Filespace there are well-known names. Also the connection of download managers is made possible, so that jDownload, IDM, Load! and Mipony can be used in connection with Linkifier.

We want to get to the bottom of the advantages of Linkifier and how the prices are in connection with the performance. Furthermore, we will investigate the question whether it is a serious provider that can be used in Germany without problems.

Of course we also want to give an outlook on the interface and the possibilities of use, so that you can get a first insight with this Linkifier review. Due to the free use it is anyway possible to get to know Linkfier before you choose one of the premium account, which can also provide a first insight through short-term terms.

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Linkifier Experience – what advantages does the multihoster offer?

  • Free access with numerous functions
  • Various premium account, which are also suitable for testing
  • Five different payment methods
  • High commission for partners
  • Good design and interface of the website
  • Over 80 filehosters and a good download files speed

The Linkifier offer at a glance

In order to get a first insight into the numerous features of the Linkifier, you will not be asked to check out immediately. The free access allows users to look around without having to sign up for a premium account.
While the free access is provided with advertisements and some limitations, the Linkifier Premium Account offers several features that will prove useful for many users. For example, the maximum download files speed of 300 Mbit is provided. Also the advertisements will disappear and it will be possible to do several downloads and uploads at the same time. A daily limit is also eliminated with the booking of one of the versatile Linkifier Premium Account, making unlimited downloads possible.

The Premium Account in the Linkifier Test – is it worth buying?

If the Linkifier free access is not enough or if the advertising is disturbing, you should look for a premium account offer to be able to activate further features. The possibility to create a premium account is freely available to every user and is affordable with five payment options.

Especially positive during our Linkifier experience is that the provider also offers packages with a short duration, so that you can get a first impression. With the smallest package, which unlocks all features for 30 days, the cost is a manageable $ 9.99. The higher the contract period, the lower the cost.

The next larger Linkifier package is 90 days and costs $ 26.99. Here, too, all features are activated, so that an unlimited download files of up to 300 Mbit is possible. In addition, the advertisements will disappear.

Server farms ensure fast downloads

Those who are convinced of the multihoster’s offer can also purchase the 180-day package for $44.99. According to our Linkifier experience, a full year’s membership costs $84.99, so if you compare this membership with the 30-day package, you’ll get a huge saving.

The longest term package of Linkifier offers a 730 day contract so you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable multi hoster for two years. With a price of $149.99 you save almost $4 per month compared to the 30-day package. Recommended for users of the Linkifier platform is to get a closer look with the smallest package first, before booking one of the long-term memberships and thus committing to the provider.

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Which payment methods does Linkifier work with?

Anonymous payment is becoming more and more attractive and prestigious. Both with the Paysafecard, which can now be purchased in almost every supermarket or gas station, and with the crypto-currency Bitcoin, the Linkifier Premium Account can be paid for. While the Paysafecard comes with a code, purchases with Bitcoins are only recommended for experienced users, as a wallet is required to complete the transaction.

According to our Linkifier experience it is also possible to pay by credit card, so that the Multihoster booking appears on the monthly statement and can be settled. The rather unknown payment service provider “Payza” is also available. Perhaps the most popular payment method is PayPal. Almost everyone who has contacted eBay is in possession of the e-wallet. Through the buyer protection users can protect themselves once again. Paying Linkifier in installments is now also supported by PayPal, so that if a membership is booked for a long term, the full amount does not have to be paid immediately.

Supported Linkifier filehosters at a glance

With over 80 hosters, the overview is very confusing. We have created a list of all supported Linkifier filehosters, so that you can have a look at the offer. If you don’t want to read through this list completely, you can use the search function (CTRL+F) to enter the name of the hoster and see if it is supported by Linkifier.    

The functions of the Multihoster Linkifier at a glance

According to our Linkifier experience, booking a Premium Account makes sense, as long as you keep the price-performance ratio in mind. We want to summarize all the features we have found so that you can see all the functions at a glance.

  1. such price such variety. Among other things, you can find important hosters like Share-Online, Uploaded, Rapdigator and many more.
  2. Unlimited download volume – When you book a Linkifier Premium Account, the unlimited download volume is activated, so that your computer can download files around the clock.
  3. Fantastic speed – With up to 300 Mbit, there is a maximum load for every fast internet connection. The fast download in Linkifier allows files to be pulled onto the computer much faster.
  4. Connect download manager – jDownload, IDM, Load! and Mipony can also be used on Linkifier, giving you the best possible overview of downloads and uploads.

The functions of the Multihoster Linkifier at a glance

One thing first – Linkifier is an international provider whose website is available in English. For users who have some knowledge of English, this should not be a problem. But if you don’t know anything about the language, you should look around at a German multihoster to avoid any problems.

During our Linkifier experience we first tested the registration. After entering a valid email address, you only have to enter a password to claim the free use. Also the login to the internal area is very easy and fast to do, if you have the mail address and the password at hand.

The navigation on the website worked perfectly during our Linkifier test, so that we could not make any negative experiences regarding too long loading times. With only one click you can access and select the more than 80 filehosters. Also the link to a download manager is very easy to handle, so that no problems occur.

How does the multihoster deal with sensitive data?

When it comes to sensitive data, you should look very carefully! All data entered at Linkifier is secured by SSL encryption, so that no third party can access the data. Users are also protected by a malware scan

The Linkifier itself states that only very few employees have access to the data. These are used exclusively for advertising purposes, to improve support and user behavior, and similar processes.

Data will only be passed on to partner companies if there is an agreement to this effect. If you would like to take a closer look here, you can read the English General Terms and Conditions to get more information.

Our Linkifier experience in conclusion

Because Linkifier is currently still struggling to establish itself on the market, there is significantly more advertising to be found. The provider has been on the market since 2015 and was able to gain ground in the last months of the past year, as some users have signed up for membership. Exactly this indicates that the Linkifier is doing well and is heading in the right direction.

Also the simple interface and the handling with the Linkifier is ideally solved, so that one can find one’s way around on the spot and with only a few clicks all settings can be made

If you look at the number of filehosters, the download files speed and the unlimited traffic, the prices for a Linkifier Premium Account explain themselves. In general, the price-performance ratio of Linkifier is very satisfactory, so that a conclusion of a Premium Account seems quite logical for searchers.

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